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Why do I need an Expert Medical Opinion?

Using the Expert Medical Opinion program makes sense if you need more information in order to feel comfortable with a serious health-related decision.

The quality of your medical care relies on the good judgment of medical professionals. No physician can keep current with all recent medical findings and two minds thinking about your health are better than one. Getting an Expert Medical Opinion ensures that you have additional information from world class experts so that you can make the right decision about your next steps.

At what point should I ask for an Expert Medical Opinion?

The service can be used at any point during the care process.

Which diseases or conditions can be reviewed by experts?

As our selection of experts focuses on the specific disease and not on the medical specialty, we can address all types of diagnoses or questions. We work with the full range of medical issues.

Can I use the service for a preexisting condition?

Absolutely. The service can be used by people with preexisting conditions or new conditions.

What do I get with an Expert Medical Opinion?

- Unrestricted access to a dedicated doctor by telephone.

- Reports from leading global experts who have reviewed your medical information.

- Concierge services such as medical record collection, provider vetting, and (when possible) expedited appointments with face-to-face providers.

- Information on resources available to you through your insurance carrier or employer.

How does an Expert Medical Opinion differ from a face-to-face second opinion or an internet second opinion?

As part of the Expert Medical Opinion, you work with a dedicated doctor who has the time and expertise to be both your advocate and advisor. Having this extra physician-level support empowers you to get the most out of the important analysis contained in the experts’ reports.

How do we decide which experts to use for each case?

We know that this is the most important decision we make for each patient. Although we carefully consider several factors while choosing experts for each case, our highest priority is the selection of world class experts with successful track records treating patients with the same condition.

What questions do people usually ask the experts?

Experts will always comment on your diagnosis and treatment plan, but you will also be given the opportunity to ask them a list of questions to help you clarify your medical situation. Patients’ questions are normally very specific to their particular medical situation - your Physician Case Manager will work with you to develop this list.

Here are examples of questions patients ask:

- Is this procedure appropriate at this time?

- Are there additional risks if I wait a few months before doing this procedure?

- Is my condition inheritable? Are there genetic tests to see if my children are at risk?

- Are the outcomes of this procedure well documented?

- What changes should I make now in my day to day life?

Do I have to go anywhere in person in order to use this service?

All services are provided remotely, so there is no need to travel or make an appointment.

What if I want to help someone else (such as my mother or daughter) get an Expert Medical Opinion?

Advance Medical works with whoever is coordinating the care for a loved one.

What languages do the Physician Case Managers speak?

To overcome language differences, Advance Medical staffs multilingual Physician Case Managers who together speak more than 20 languages.

What happens if the expert is not from my country or does not speak my language?

We strive to provide the best Expert Medical Opinion for your particular situation and always do a global search for the most relevant experts. We use the services of professional medical translators to overcome language differences between you and the expert.

How do I get and transport my medical files?

Advance Medical will collect your medical records on your behalf. You can also send us your medical files directly.

How is my personal data protected?

Advance Medical’s data protection systems utilize the most advanced technology available.  Administrative, physical and technical safeguards exceed regulations regarding personal information protection.

Will my current doctor (treating physician) find out about this process?

The choice to involve and inform your treating physician about this process is completely up to you.

Is it possible my insurance company or employer will pay for my Expert Medical Opinion?

Yes. 25 million people globally have existing coverage for this service through their employers or insurance companies. Contact your insurer/employer directly to see if you are already covered.

If I am not covered by my employer or insurance plan, how much does it cost to get an Expert Medical Opinion?

Please call us for information about pricing [Contact Us].